2016 Valhalla Regatta

CR 914   2016  Valhalla Regatta

By Colin Parker

The annual Valhalla Regatta was held at the Valhalla Quarry in Marathon, Florida. There were 11 entries representing the South Florida Model Sailing Club and the Marathon Sailing Club in the Florida Keys. Ideal weather conditions greeted the sailors with E- SE,  10-12k winds and 78 degree temps. Racing started at 10:30 and 12 races were completed with a lunch break in the middle. It was hotly contested racing with Tony Gonsalves and Christian Flebbe ending up in a tie for first place with the tie breaker going to Tony with 5 first place finishes. The top 3 skippers received awards.

Summary of the 2016 Valhalla Regatta

Class: CR 914

Date: February 21, 2016

Location: Marathon, Florida Keys

Host Club: Marathon Sailing Club (#330)

Entries: 11

Winds: 10-12K

Scoring: Low Point,  2 throw outs

Race Committee: Colin Parker,RD; Barb Cooley, score keeper; assistants Bob Cooley, Susan Ruck, Charlete Gonsalves.

2016 Valhalla Regatta results:

Place         Skipper                    Points

1                Tony Gonsalves       16

2       Christian Flebbe      16

3               John Bert                  37

4               Graham Brewster     47

5               Joe Russell               47

6               Ted Smith                  56

7               Gerd Pedersen         59

8               Colin Parker              61

9               Ted Reinhold             68

10             Mike Bier                   96

11             Paul Koisch              106


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