LMYC Ending Scores

Larchmont Model Yacht Club - 2011 – 2012 Season Ending Scores

Howie Hounds Hundred Heavy Hitters Hauling Home Honors

Just had to get one more in before we officially wrapped-up the season.  I guess the headline sums it up – that wily old salt Howie McMichael won another season championship for the Larchmont Model Yacht Club.  Howie’s 0.726 rating nipped Julian’s all-time best season score of 0.710 with Bizzy and yours truly just off that pace.  Some notes on the season’s performances before you see the results.

Howie – again bullet proof – we’re going to have to put out a contract on his thumbs
Julian – Really consistent this season and we’ll miss him next winter when he’s in MD
Bizzy – Right in the hunt and winning tons of days...but, alas, he’s in Europe next winter
Buttons – Glad that Bizzy and Julian will be gone next year...now needs to relocate Howie
David G – Really fast this year and made a tremendous contribution to the fleet and class
Peter B – Finally has his thumbs working and won more than his share of races
Rocco – Sails a different boat each week, nobody has more fun and is a better shipmate
Rick – Sailed much better than his scores show.  Longtime member who has improved greatly these past few seasons
Dave F – Turned-up the speed this year and had great tactics to win a bunch of races, too
Nick – The biggest heart on the dock and if he could only get this boat to keep working he’d give Howie a run for his money
Hector – The only sailor in the world with that name, a young’en who brought new life, life jackets and a sense of youth back to our aging fleet
John – Boy, this guy could write a book on frustration...but when he’s dialed in, nobody has a faster boat.  He just needs Hector’s eyes
Dick – This guy redefines wily with his quiet approach on the dock and blistering speed.  When he get ahead of you, he’s hard to catch
Tom – No longer “wrong way Wey,” Tom has really stepped-up his sailing skills and was in the thick of things all season long
Joe – One of this year’s newbees, Joe greatly added to our fellowship on the dock, gave us the opportunity to save his boat from sinking a few times and entertained us with his Ester Williams impression...only to be encouraged to keep sailing with us next year.
Hank – Only came out a bit this year but has had perpetual savvy and (ok, I’ll use that word again) wiliness and we missed not having him around more.
Peter K – Graced the docks for a quartet of Saturdays, rebuilt his boat and showed that, as one of the fleet’s founders, he still has his chops (or thumbs) when it comes to RC sailing
Paul – Getting better every year, always there early but just needs to get the boat to go where he thinks it should be going...not the only one, however, with that problem.
Jim and Stu – Then there are these two guys from American.  The good news is that they come to sail with us when they can.  The better news is that they never come enough to qualify because, if they did, they’d eat our lunches week in and week out.
Ruth - Last but clearly not least.  Without our sister, girlfriend, wife, surrogate mom and amazing one-person Race Committee, LMYC sailing would not be as much fun, as well run, as heartfelt, and as glorious as it has been all these many years.  Our Ruthie has graciously given to all of us countless Saturday mornings and we all thank her for that gift and look forward to her saying, once again, "thirty seconds."

Season Ending Positions, Cume score, # Days Sailed, # Races Sailed
1  McMichael, Howie,  0.726 , 9, 74
2  Croxall, Julian,  0.710 , 15, 106
3  Monte-Sano, Bizzy,  0.666 , 11, 52
4  Padin, Buttons,  0.605 , 10, 69
5  Graves, David,  0.573 , 15, 102
6  Bauer, Peter,  0.513 , 10, 56
7  Campanelli, Rocco,  0.498 , 12, 88
8  Beck,  Rick,  0.493 , 7, 41
9  Florence, Dave,  0.453 , 10, 67
10  Langone, Nick,  0.398 , 9, 70
11  McKenny,  Hector,  0.398 , 10, 48
12  Hodgson, John,  0.359 , 11, 61
13  McCarthy, Dick,  0.347 , 10, 72
14  Wey, Tom,  0.325 , 11, 71
15  Caserta, Joe,  0.144 , 9, 52

Wilson, Jim,  0.783 , 1, 10
Buchanan, Hank,  0.655 , 1, 11
Saffer, Stuart,  0.490 , 2, 18
Kelly, Peter,  0.437 , 4, 24
Lennon, Paul,  0.159 , 4, 14

See you on the Thursday night of Race Week to race for the Barnacle Bucket and then it’s October when we’ll resume our racing.

Have a great summer,

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