Great Harbor (Vero Beach, FL) Closes Season


Our final races were among the best of the season with steady winds blowing directly down the course. Though some but not all spirits were dampened by the early retirement of race favorite, Graham Phillips, due to technical difficulties, the rest of us managed to complete four races and then hand our sleek crafts over to our wives and pals without whose support our improbable Sunday series would never have happened. No one sailed into the bushes except Captain Bankston, but this was because he was busy helping someone else and his boat simply scooted away unattended proving that no good deed goes unpunished.

Vero BeachBy thunderous acclamation by all the Captains, the GUST (Geezers Under Sail Trophy) was awarded to our long suffering spouses who put up with our constant carping and long absences all year, and provided a splendid banquet last Sunday:

  • Jean Davenport
  • Agneta Ricks
  • Pauline Morris
  • Candy Johnston
  • Susan Bankston
  • Charlene Friedman
  • Anita Pew
  • Laurel Phillips
  • Pat DeRobertis
  • Caryl Minor

Formal sailing Activities will resume in the fall but all are welcome to share the joys of the Sunset Cove Sailing Venue this summer with our friendly turtles, birds, and gator.

Also, please let me know if you have suggestions as to how our activity can be made more fun. Barbara Herschkowitz wants to initiate a bistro and David Johnson wants us to sail in the Loggerhead Marina where the winds are more predictable (but where the salt water eats our boats). Does anyone want to keep score and award prizes??? How about betting?? Bleachers for our fans?? How about music and a TV on site?? Other great ideas??

Thanks for all the fun this year, and best wishes for a safe and happy summer! See you in the fall.

GHYC barnacle basher

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